Below are 12+ healthy breakfast recipes that are quick, easy, and great for meal prep! Whether you like a sweet breakfast or a savory one, there’s something for everyone. Each recipe is packed with protein, healthy ingredients, & will keep you full all morning long. From chia pudding, to overnight oats, savory breakfast bowls, to eggs and protein shakes, your breakfast rotation will have never looked so good!

12 healthy breakfast recipes

Breakfast, arguably the most important meal of the day, can truly set you up right. I went years skipping breakfast, living off of coffee and HIIT workouts first thing in the morning, only to later suffer from elevated cortisol levels and hormone imbalances. Now, I never skip breakfast. I’m sure to get in something super protein-packed, with healthy fats and fiber, to keep my blood sugar balanced, stress low, but most importantly, I want to be satiated. These recipes below can fit any dietary need and are customizable – whether you’re vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, or keto. There is something for everyone!

Blueberry chia pudding with lemon cashew ceam

Healthy breakfast recipe - Blueberry lemon chia pudding

Lemon blueberry chia pudding with yogurt is ultra creamy and bursting with refreshing flavor! It’s made with coconut milkcontains 10g of satiating fiber, and is packed with antioxidants! This quick and easy chia seed pudding can be meal prepped for the perfect on the go breakfast! I love getting a case of mason jars to meal prep these in!

Recipe here!

Breakfast Souffle

Breakfast yogurt souffle with strawberries.

This healthy breakfast tastes like a baked cheesecake and sweet souffle had a baby. It’s packed full of protein, made with only a handful of ingredients, and low in sugar. Top with a little yogurt and fruit for the perfect breakfast treat, so you never have to choose between dessert or breakfast again 😉 This can be made dairy-free and is gluten-free, as well!

Recipe here!

oatmeal cookie dough overnight oats

cookie dough overnight oats.

Oatmeal cookie dough overnight oats bring all the nostalgic flavor of a classic oatmeal raisin cookie. This healthy breakfast is luscious, creamy, and packed with cookie dough bites. It is so satisfying while being packed with protein and fiber to keep you fueled all morning long! Recipe here!

Breakfast egg stuffed peppers

Egg stuffed peppers.

If you’re on the hunt for a new, fun meal prep or breakfast, these breakfast egg stuffed peppers are for you! Think omelet or frittata, stuffed inside a sweet bell pepper – so easy and so delicious! These come together in just a few minutes, are packed with protein, and so versatile! They can be made low carb, keto, dairy free, and gluten free! These also fit into paleo diets, while being grain free!

Recipe here!

Crunchy granola clusters

Healthy breakfast recipe - Crunchy granola clusters.

These healthy, homemade granola clusters are perfectly crunchy, delicious, and lower in sugar. They can be crumbled into smaller pieces or kept in large clusters and makes a great meal prep for a healthy snack. It takes less than 10 minutes to prep and can fit into vegan and gluten free diets!

Recipe here!

Healthy breakfast bowls

savory breakfast bowl with eggs, avocado, kale, tomatoes, and potatoes.

These healthy breakfast bowls make an easy, absolutely delicious, meal prep! Packed with nourishing foods, these bowls will have you feeling your best all morning long, while satisfying all of your breakfast cravings! These make-ahead bowls are totally customizable, but have avocado, roasted breakfast potatoes, eggs, veggies, and pickled onion come together to create a hearty, filling and balanced breakfast!

Recipe here!

PBJ Chia seed pudding

This peanut butter and jelly chia seed pudding makes for a delicious breakfast, snack, or healthy treat. It is ultra-creamy, packed with peanut butter flavor, fresh jam, & is made in under 10 minutes with nourishing ingredients that’ll have you feeling full & satisfied all morning long!

Recipe here!

Peanut butter espresso protein shake

Healthy breakfast recipe - espresso protein shake with peanut butter

Low in sugar and high in protein, this coffee protein shake will quickly become a coffee lover’s favorite breakfast or snack! We are diving into my formula on to build a shake or smoothie that will actually keep you full. It’s got chocolate, peanut butter, cacao nibs, and honestly tastes better than any blended coffee you could get at Starbucks. This coffee shake has no cream or dairy, is keto friendly, vegan, gluten free, and DELICIOUS.

Recipe here!

Strawberries & Cream overnight oats

jars of strawberries and cream overnight oats.

Strawberry chia overnight oats will soon be your new favorite breakfast! They are super creamy and soaked in homemade strawberry milk. Meal prep can seem intimidating, but this healthy breakfast is super quick to throw together so you are set for a healthy week! Packed with fiber and protein, this will keep you full all morning long!

Recipe here!

Cinnamon roll baked oats

healthy breakfast recipe - Cinnamon roll baked oats

This healthy, vegan cinnamon roll baked oatmeal can be thrown together in one pan and in less than 10 minutes and makes a great meal prep option! They are full of healthy fats, protein, and fiber to keep you full all morning long. Baked oats are great because they are super versatile and you can really make any flavor you’d like!

Recipe here!

Raspberry Brownie chia pudding

chocolate brownie raspberry chia pudding with yogurt.

If you’re looking for a sweet, but protein packed breakfast, this Chia seed protein pudding will have you feeling like you’re having dessert while packing in the nutrients! Full of fiber and protein, this healthy breakfast will have you full all morning long! Chocolate chia seed pudding is layered with coconut yogurt and raspberries to create the most decadent breakfast or snack (and no cooking is required!).

Recipe here!

Strawberry cheesecake yogurt parfait

strawberry cheesecake yogurt parfait

This strawberry cheesecake yogurt parfait is sure to be your new favorite snack! Packed with nutrients, a healthy dose of fats, fiber, and protein, it will not only keep you full for hours, but will satisfy any sweet tooth! Made with only a few ingredients, this yogurt bowl can be made to fit any dietary need (vegan, dairy-free, refined sugar free, gluten free).

Recipe here!

Vegan cookie dough protein shake

cookie dough protein shake

This vegan cookie dough protein smoothie is ultra creamy and loaded with chocolate chips and chunks of edible cookie dough. Made with a bunch of wholesome ingredients, this shake makes the perfect snack, treat, or post-workout meal. I have even left options below for those who don’t love protein powder, but still want to get their protein in!

Recipe here!

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