This quick and effective full body HIIT workout will make your muscles burn, your body sweat, and give you a boost of endorphins! HIIT workouts are perfect for when you’re short on time, while still being incredibly beneficial. You don’t need any equipment to perform the moves and they can be done anywhere!

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. It is a great way to challenge your body and get yourself out of your comfort zone. There are all sorts of ways to incorporate HIIT – you can do treadmill HIIT, jumping rope, functional training, or using a stair master. You get your heart rate going in bursts, with a small recovery period in between sets. Because HIIT workouts are often shorter than a normal workout, it’s meant for you to give your absolute full effort when performing the moves.

It’s a great way to build muscle, endurance, and help boost your metabolic function. Often times, people who feel as though they are in ruts with their fitness/health, see beneficial impacts from incorporating HIIT.

How often should you do HIIT workouts?

HIIT training isn’t meant to be done every day. I personally love incorporating it into my routine 1-2x per week, along with my normal programming to challenge my body – especially if i’m short on time. HIIT isn’t meant to be done for hours – it’s short, sweet, to the point.

This could look like treadmill sprints – sprinting for 30 seconds, 15 second rest, for ___ rounds, or it could look like a more functional workout like above. Have fun with it and find what you like best! I think it’s important to always switch things up!

How to perform this Full body HIIT workout

It’s simple! There is 3 blocks, containing one move each.

Perform the first move (push-up burpee) for the 10 reps. With no rest, move to the second move (Plank in & out hops). Perform the 20 reps. Then move to the last move, performing the 15 reps. Then you take a 30 second rest and repeat for 4x rounds. Give your maximum energy when performing the moves. If you want to push yourself even harder, go for 5-6x rounds1

How can I make it even more challenging?

If you want to make the workout even more challenging, you can add a resistance band when performing the moves! I love these.

Do you like HIIT? Do you want to see more of these!? Let me know if you try by commenting below or tag me @danishealthyeats on instagram! xo

Full body HIIT workout plan.

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