This full body strength & cardio workout is perfect if you want a full body burner that is quick and effective! Grab your mat and get ready to get sweaty 😉

How to perform this strength & cardio workout

It’s simple! There are five sets of moves. You will want to work through the first set (lower body) before moving to the second, and so on. You’ll want to perform each exercise for 15 reps (20 if you want to challenge yourself!) Once you get to the end, if you have more time or want to challenge yourself further, repeat it four 2x rounds.

Equipment you’ll need

For this full-body strength & cardio workout you will need a set of dumbbells and a booty band. Technically, you can perform this workout without either, but they really add an extra layer of resistance to the workout, fatiguing your muscles even further, helping to build that strength!

I always recommend using a challenging weight, where it is difficult to perform the last rep of the move. If you have multiple sets of weights, you can start with a heavier set and drop weight as needed (performing the first few reps with heavier weights and dropping to the lighter weights for the last few).

Full-body strength workout

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Fuel yourself after your workout!

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