This upper body circuit workout will have you BURNING – we are hitting all the muscles today with some bouts of cardio mixed in! All you need is an optional set of dumbbells and it can be performed anywhere!

how to perform this upper body circuit workout

This workout is super simple to follow. There are four different rows or blocks. You’ll start with the first one, performing each move for the stated amount of reps, with no rest in between. Once you get through the last move, you’ll take a 30 second break and then repeat for 3 rounds. Then, you’ll take a one minute break and start the second block.

Equipment you’ll need

Equipment to perform this upper body workout is optional, but highly recommended. Adding a set of dumbbells to the mix adds an extra layer of resistance, helping to build strength.

Benefits of circuit training

The benefits of circuit training seem endless. When performing a circuit workout, the goal is to perform the exercises with little to no rest in between. Usually they consist of 2-3 strength moves with a bout of cardio. One of the coolest benefits of this, is excess post oxygen consumption or EPOC. This is when the body continues to expend additional calories for hours after the workout has been completed. But to achieve EPOC, you want to make sure you’re really challenging yourself!

A quick explanation of some of the moves

Burpees: For the burpees, you don’t need to perform a burpee. Simply just bend down, hopping your feet back into a plank position. Hop them back up to your hand, coming to a standing position and performing a hop. Repeat.

Weighted jumping jacks: Hold your dumbbells in hand at your shoulder. Jump out into a jumping jack stance, pressing the dumbbells up. As you jump your feet back in, bring the dumbbells back down to your shoulders.

Plank toe-taps: Start in a plank position. Bring your right hand under you to touch your left toes (piking your butt into the air, keeping your abs tight). Come back to a plank. Repeat, bringing your left hand to your right toes.

Pike push-ups: Start in a pike plank (Come into a plank and pike your butt into in the air). Perform a push-up in this position – you should really feel it in your shoulders!

Be sure to tag me on instagram if you try! Let’s get it! xo

upper body circuit workout

Some recipes to refuel you after your workout

Pumpkin pie blizzard

Eggnog shake (vegan, high protein)

Cinnamon roll smoothie

Pumpkin spice chia pudding

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