When making the switch to a more whole-foods based diet, it can be really overwhelming, especially when you’re scouring the internet for healthier recipes and seeing ingredients you may not be well-versed with. Being as I create a ton of healthy sweet treats, I wanted to compile a healthy baking pantry essentials list to hopefully make it a little easier on you!

Healthy baking pantry essentials

These are things I use almost every single day, or while developing my recipes. Sure, they aren’t all necessary and you can often make substitutes if you don’t have an ingredient (especially if it’s a mix in like chopped nuts or fruit), but this is a good list of basics you may want to stock your pantry with.

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Spices & Herbs




Pink sea salt

Oils & Vinegars

Avocado oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Coconut oil

Organic grass-fed ghee (if not vegan)

Apple cider vinegar

baking ingredients

Baking needs

Almond flour

Arrowroot flour/starch

Tapioca flour/starch

Coconut flour

Chocolate chips & bars

Organic Oats and Oat flour

Baking soda & baking powder


Raw cacao powder

Canned pumpkin

Protein Powders

Canned full-fat coconut milk

100% Pure Vanilla Extract

bulk nuts

Bulk Nuts & Seeds

Almonds & almond butter

Unsweetened coconut flakes

Raw cashews & cashew butter

Raw Sunflower seeds & sunflower butter

Chia seeds

Flax seeds (whole or ground)

Raw pumpkin seeds


Peanut butter





100% Pure Maple syrup

Honey (if not vegan)

Coconut sugar

Monk Fruit

Dates + Date sugar

Optional superfoods & dried fruits

Goji Berries

Unsweetened raisins

Maca powder

Grocery List

Feel free to print the list below for convienence! I left some empty spaces in case there’s anything you need to add!

Pantry Essentials Grocery list

Some recipes for inspo

Once you’ve got a stocked pantry, here are some easy recipes to try!

Cinnamon roll energy bites

Healthier homemade payday bars

Vegan snickers cheesecake

Healthy vegan maple sea salt fudge

Vegan samoa cookie bars

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