Over the last few years, I have become the biggest skincare junkie and have been wanting to write a round-up of my favorite clean skincare brands. I personally didn’t prioritize using clean skincare until a few years ago, but the products we put on our bodies are truly just as important as what we put in our bodies. So, if you’re looking to update your skincare routine with cleaner beauty products, I hope this will be some help and a little insight for you!

clean skincare brands

My top 5 favorite clean skincare brands:

1. Osea

Ocean Cleanser ($48): I have tried, what feels like, a million cleansers and I always seem to come back to this one. I love how it makes my skin feel, it takes make up off great, and I love the ingredients! Honestly, I could recommend everything from Osea. Top of my favorite clean skincare brands for a reason!

Clean skincare brand osea

Anti-Aging Body Balm ($54): This is a holy grail product for me. I will say, if you like a product that really absorbs into the skin to the point that you can’t feel you put anything on, this may not be for you. But as someone with chronically dry skin, this is heaven sent and makes my skin feel so good and moisturized. It isn’t obnoxiously oily, but you can feel it on your skin for a bit (it just takes a little to absorb) but Thomas Is always complimenting me on how soft my skin feels and this is IT. It’s also full of anti-aging nutrients!

anti aging body balm osea

2. SkinFix

SkinFix Barrier Triple Lipid-Peptide Cream ($58): For all my fellow girlies with dry skin, this is the best face cream. Again, I’ve tried every cream out there and although I tend to rotate between a few different ones, I always come back to this! It goes on and leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth, even when I wake up in the morning. It isn’t super thick either, which is important to me – I hate feeling like I have something really thick on my face! Couldn’t recommend it more!

clean beauty brands skinfix barrier triple lipid peptide cream

Resurface Renewing Scrub ($32): Okay, if you’re on the market for a good scrub, try this! It makes my skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom, lol. I use this before applying my self-tanner and it makes it go on SO much smoother! I’m obsessed.

clean beauty brands skinfix resurface renewing scrub

3. Summer Fridays

Heavenly Sixteen All-in-one Face Oil ($59): So I typically use an oil at night and moisturizer in the morning, especially if I’ll be wearing make-up as I think it goes on better with a moisturizer. However, using this at night before bed, leaves my skin feeling SO hydrated and I swear, gives me a dewy look when I wake up. I repurchased this two times and went through both bottles and really loved the results I got!

clean beauty brands summer Fridays face oil

Vitamin C + Peptide Eye Cream ($49): I have tried a few eye creams in my time and have to say this one is my favorite. I just really liked how light and airy it felt. The esthetician always tells me to keep my routine pretty minimal, but to always include a vitamin C serum, so I love that this eye cream includes it! I have also always suffered with milia around my under eye area, so having a lighter eye cream is really helpful, as all other moisturizers and oils can be too much for that area. (Side note.. also love this Youth To the People eye cream!)

clean skincare brands summer Friday peptide eye cream

3. CocoKind

I honestly was going to leave cocokind out, because I think everyone gets the hype. I love their vitamin C serum for my whole face and their matcha moisture stick for my lips! But I have gone through a few bottles of this sunscreen, so it deserved a mention! I also feel like it’s a pretty decent price point for the clean ingredients!

Clean skincare Brand Cocokind daily spf

4. Biossance

Biossance is one of my favorite clean skincare brands because I feel like they formulate products with cleaner ingredients that REALLY work. I found this brand last year when Thomas and I were traveling the US in our RV. I had stopped at a random Sephora to grab a cleanser and ended up picking up their Squalane & Amino Aloe Gentle Cleanser. I LOVE IT. Thomas even steals it. It’s super light (great for sensitive skin) and leaves my face feeling so clean. It’s cheaper than the other cleanser I mentioned above, so I wanted to include a cheaper option!

biossance squamane amino aloe gentle cleanser

Squalene & Magnesium Deodorant ($15): If you need a new, clean deodorant, I love this one! I’m pretty picky with deodorants, but the scent, the feeling, everything. Love!

biossance magnesium and squalene deodorant

5. Indie Lee

CoQ10 Toner ($36): I’ve emptied over 3 bottles of this. I absolutely love it. I never used a toner up until a couple years ago and I won’t look back. I feel like it helps my overall skin texture/complexion. I feel like my overall skin has improved since using this!

Clean Beauty Brand Indie Lee Coq10 cleanser

Honorable Mentions:

Herbivore Moon Fruit Retinal Alternative Serum ($60): A retinal is one of the three products my esthetician recommend I include in my routine. I love this one and have emptied two bottles already. LOVE!

If you want to nourish your skin from the indie out, try my healthy aging smoothie!

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