With so many new and innovative food, lifestyle, and wellness products on the market, I thought it’d be fun for me to write a post at the end of each month discussing some of my FAVORITES that I couldn’t live without! I always see people doing “is it worth the hype?” posts on instagram and thought this would be a fun way to weigh in on what really is worth it, and frankly, what is not, because nobody has time to be waisting time and money, baby! So, let’s get into my November food/product favorites!

The products:

1: Superfood Cacao Honey by Beekeeper’s Natural

This was gifted to me & I will be a reoccurring purchaser for life! SOO yummy. It gives all of my treats a little extra depth I can’t even explain.

2: Nutrition Stripped Cookbook by Mckel Hill

This book is LIFE. Not typically one for cookbooks but I find myself continuously coming back to this one! Super versatile & incredibly beautiful.

3. Sunwarrior Vegan Salted Caramel Collagen-Building Protein

This is even boyfriend approved! I’m obsessed. I froth it in some nut milk, cinnamon, & a little honey. Great way to add extra collagen protein into your diet .

4: Individually sized cookie cast iron skillet

I absolutely LOVE these. Whether I’m baking up a treat, personal apple crisp, or a frittata for one, these always come in handy

5: CocoKind Rose water Toner

This has been a favorite of mine, for honestly about a year. Made from good for you ingredients. It feels so refreshing on your face, morning, mid-day, and night.

6: BIOHM Prebiotic Supplement

There is so much focus centered around probiotics, probiotics often take a backseat. However, they are just as important. Prebiotics actually help our bodies absorb and utilize probiotics and aid in creating a healthy gut flora. Since taking this prebiotic supplement, i’ve noticed a huge change in my bloating as well!

#7: Sliding discs

whether I’m in a hurry or bored of my usual routine, I always find myself reaching for these to get a good workout in. Super versatile, you can work your whole body!

What were your November favorites?

Leave me a comment below what some of your favorites for the month were!

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