Red light therapy has gotten a ton of buzz in the health and wellness space lately. Spoiler alert… i’m a huge fan. So I wanted to discuss WHY I don’t think it’s just some flashy wellness device, the benefits of red light, and how you can incorporate it into your daily life as a tool in your wellness toolbox.

benefits of red light therapy

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Red light therapy can seem very overwhelming if you’re not familiar with it. “Oh, it’s just another expensive thing that all the wellness people are using”. I get it. I felt the same way at first. That was until I started actually using it. Thomas (my boyfriend) started using red light after a pretty gnarly knee surgery. He’d go to a local recovery spa to have it done. For me, my only real experience with it was a red light face mask I would wear for 10-20 minutes at night for skin and anti-aging benefits.

A few months ago we started using the Joov mini device and it’s become such an important part of our daily routines that I wanted to share with you guys why we are obsessed and believe they’re more than just some flashy wellness device.

what is red light therapy

The device delivers two waves of light, which i’ll quickly cover below!

Red Light: readily absorbed by surface tissues and cells, leading to enhanced skin health and healing.

Near-Infrared Light (NIR): invisible to the human eye, and penetrates into deeper tissues, leading to enhanced recovery and inflammation support.

The JOOV also has a Recovery+ Mode which delivers continuous red light and pulsed NIR light to boost the body’s natural recovery, healing, and regeneration process. It’s ideal for post-workout treatments.

Benefits of red light therapy

The benefits of red light therapy seem endless! Simply put, red light helps “power up” your body’s cells (or mitochondria). With this increased energy, other cells can do work more efficiently (I.E. rejuvenating and repairing skin, boosting cell growth and recovery).

Mental acuity
Circadian rhythm & Sleep optimization
Performance & recovery
Healthier skin
Fights inflammation
Improves blood flow

Red light therapy – a skin miracle?

I had to talk a little bit more on the benefits of red light for skin health because I am TRULY obsessed with it. Red light therapy can help your cells communicate, which in turn helps your skin work more effectively, stimulating collagen production which can be beneficial for all sorts of skin conditions including acne, Psoriasis, aging, wrinkles, etc.

Although lasers and other traditional skin procedures can be beneficial, they can get extremely pricey and may not be as beneficial as red light. Here’s the difference: Lasers case controlled damage in the skin to trigger an inflammatory reaction. Red light however, are atraumatic to the skin. This means that instead of creating micro-traumas to trigger healing, it starts to positively impact the skin right away.

I think the most important thing to remember is consistency is KEY. Keeping up on red light therapy is important to really reap the benefits. Because it works to heal at a cellular level, you may not ~see~ results right away, but it’s working and you will see them over time! You only need 10 minutes on your face – that’s it! Make it part of your morning routine, bedtime routine, or some relaxing you time. You can even use it while you’re sitting watching tv. Easy peasy!

Joov Go 2.0 red light therapy device.

What is the JOOV go 2.0 & Why I choose it

The Joovv Go 2.0 is a cute little handheld red light therapy device that delivers red and near infrared (NIR) wavelengths. Sessions are designed to optimize cellular function, and improve overall health and wellness. The best part is that it’s portable, powerful handheld design of the Joovv Go let’s you bring it everywhere and anywhere for red light therapy at any time!

One of the main reasons I LOVE Joov is because they’re medical-grade devices and meet all safety standard requirements while many others fall short! . Most at-home red light therapy devices can’t penetrate as deeply as those in office. For reference, medical-grade devices can penetrate about 6 millimeters in depth, while at-home devices are in the nanometer range.

It comes with a stand you can place the device on, a charging cord, and a carrying case so you can keep everything together, compact! LOVE.

How I incorporate it into my day

How I use the red light device really just depends on what i’m using it for. One thing I LOVE about the on the go device is it’s so small you can take it with you places, into different rooms, etc., without it being a hassle. It also comes with a stand, so sometimes i’ll set it on the stand and use it while i’m on my walking pad and doing emails/work. We also love using it on our nightstands and having it on for 10 minutes before we go to sleep – helps so much!

Skin health & anti-aging: I use it either first thing in the morning or at night on my face for 10 minutes – that’s it. Consistency is key here (I.E. using it daily. You don’t have to use it more than 10 mins a day. More won’t add additional benefits).

Sleep: As I mentioned above, red light therapy can be incredibly beneficial for sleep! As someone who’s dealt with insomnia for many years, I am always willing to try anything that will help. I usually use the light at night before bed, on my face, to kill two birds with one stone – sleep & skin health!

Muscle recovery/chronic pain: Thomas used the red light religiously after his full meniscus repair surgery. That, combined with physical therapy, he was back on his skateboard in just a couple months. It was wild! If you do a hard leg day, if you have chronic shoulder pain, etc., the red light can provide relief and aid faster recovery.

So, i’m obviously obsessed

I could nerd out on this topic all day, i’ve done so much research into it and can confidently say it’s my favorite “wellness” tool i’ve included in my life (besides my sauna blanket – we’ll get into that in another post lol).

If you want to try Joov, you can use my code DANI for a discount! We have the Go 2.0 device, but they also offer a few other versions including the mini stand, the floor stand, and the door system for a full-body option!

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