A question I get so often.. is Daily Harvest worth the hype? If you aren’t familiar with what Daily Harvest meal delivery service is, I’ll dive into it and explain what it is, what they offer, a cost breakdown, my discount code, and how freaking AMAZING I think it is (spoiler alert, lol).

A daily harvest meal delivery service smoothie.

This post Is not sponsored by Daily Harvest, but does contain affiliate links and I make a small commission if you decide to purchase through my code/links. I appreciate your support more than you know! XO

what is daily harvesT meal delivery service?

Daily Harvest is a plant-forward frozen meal delivery service with an emphasis on quality whole-food ingredients. If you work long hours, are a busy parent, or just want a little help with making eating healthy easier, Daily Harvest is there to save the day. You can go onto their website, choose what you want in your order, and it shows up on your door step. They have something for everyone – from smoothies to oats, to flatbread pizzas and vegan, refined sugar-free ice cream. Their bowls are a staple for us too, from the broccoli and cheez to the pot pie.

Personally, I love using them as a “base” to my meals. I’ll warm it up, add a little extra protein, and I’m good to go. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner in under 10 minutes! The best part is there is no obligation. You can choose to skip a week or two, swap items, and customize your orders to what YOU want. They show up in a box on dry ice and you just pop everything in the freezer until you’re ready to eat it.

What’s up with the ingredients in Daily harvest’s meal delivery service?

Daily Harvest prides themselves on quality. Their ingredients are frozen within 24 hours of harvest, keeping them as fresh as possible. Just real whole plants, primarily grown in organic soil – no gluten, dairy, gums, fillers, refined sugars, GMOs, or artificial anything.

It’s kind of wild to be eating one of the flatbreads and to look at the back of the box to see a list of minimal, REAL food ingredients. How do they make it taste THAT good.

What about cost?

Meal delivery services, especially those that focus on quality organic food, are often sososo pricey, it makes me cringe. In my personal opinion, for the quality of the food, I think Daily Harvest is SO worth it. It’s not cheap by any means, but I justify it as buying quality, organic, fruits and veggies aren’t cheap either and you’re paying for convenience!

I don’t personally order every week, because it’s just Thomas and I and I like to cook. But for when he needs to bring something quick for lunch to work, or when we are out all day and we don’t want to spend the time making something, it’s perfect!

Daily Harvest Cost for Boxes:

My staple picks:

THE SCOOPS! Yes, I’m yelling. The scoops are their vegan ice creams! They are refined sugar-free and absolutely delicious. You just let it thaw for 10 minutes or so before digging in and the texture is INSANE. The midnight fudge, salted caramel, and mint cacao, and swirled black sesame are our STAPLES.

Smoothies: Cold brew & cacao, strawberry peach, dragon fruit & lychee, and the banana and greens are our faves! All you do is add the contents of the container into your blender with liquid of your choice and blend! I’ll usually add a scoop of my favorite protein powder to the mix, because they tend to be lower on the protein side. And it’s great because you pour the content back into the container, put the lid back on, and there’s a hole to stick a reusable straw in!

Flatbreads: Tomatillo + Pepper, Tomato + Cremini, Tomato + Basil, and Portobello + Pesto are our favorites. You just unwrap the flatbread and bake – that’s it! We like to make ours in the air-fryer because it makes the crust a little extra crispy!

Crumbles: Their “meat” crumbles are INCREDIBLE and so versatile. No weird ingredients like in beyond meat or other “meal alternatives” – just plants! You can form them into patties and make burgers, use them in tacos or meatloaf, or on your favorite salads, wraps, etc. The possibilities are really endless!

Bowls: Broccoli + Cheeze probably has to be our top pick. We like to add some buffalo sauce to ours after it’s warmed up, with some grilled tofu – so yummy and cozy! The Cremini + Asparagus Pot Pie and the Spinach + Shiitake grits bowls are the coziest.

So is it worth it?

In my personal opinion, YES BABY. It’s the only meal delivery service we use and trust. I love that it’s reasonably priced for the quality you’re getting, so dang convenient, and versatile too! If you’ve been curious or on the market for a good service like this, I couldn’t recommend Daily Harvest more. If you do want to give them a try, use code “DANISEATS” to save money off your boxes! (Discounts discussed above). If you’ve tried them, let me know what your favorites are in the comments and if you order, let me know what you get!

And as always, I am so thankful for you guys supporting me by using my codes/links. THANK YOU XO.

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