When I first started making lifestyle changes to improve my overall health, my beauty routine was definitely not top-priority. I was eating all the healthy foods, trying my best to ditch plastic and other toxins, switched to natural toothpaste and haircare, but yet, I didn’t stop to take a look at my actual beauty routine. So after years of trying so many different products, I’m excited to share a little of my clean beauty routine with you!

Want to know a crazy statistic? The average woman uses over 200 chemicals on her body DAILY. Yeah, DAILY. That’s freaking terrifying if you ask me.. I knew that, especially as a Holistic Nutritionist and my passion for living a healthy lifestyle, I had to make some changes. And trust me, I know how overwhelming this can feel when there is SO MUCH back and forth information out there; it can make your head spin. So, where to begin?

There are a couple resources I fully trust, when looking into products i’m going to add to my routine. First, is the OG: The Environmental working group. They have a cosmetics database where you can search tons of different products, ranging from make-up to hair care to skincare, and it will tell you how that product ranks in regards to toxic exposure and will list every harmful chemical in said product. You can check it out here: https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ . They don’t have EVERY product in the database, but there are a TON. You can also do quick google searches to find additional information about the chemicals that may hiding in them!

Now.. onto the fun part; shopping for beauty products. There are a couple of sites that I will shop from. My hands-down go-to is Credo Beauty. They sell everything from make-up, to hair care, to skin care, etc. and all products are clean, natural, and organic. They uphold extremely high standards for the brands they decide to carry and focus on the important things; transparency, ethics, sustainability, sourcing, and safety. I have found SO many brands that I can’t imagine living without, just by browsing this site and so many products that are way higher quality than their high-end, toxic, counterparts.



First up, makeup. I am not the biggest makeup gal, so don’t @ me. But I have definitely tried my fair share of makeup brands and these products have been absolute STAPLES for me.

  1. Ilia

From their highlighters to their lip products (their gloss is my holy grail), I am obsessed. It just goes to show, quality is key, because everything I have tried I have loved. Their illuminator is to die for and their lip products STAY on and don’t dry my lips out, which is important to me! I haven’t personally tried their foundation, but I have heard great things about it too!

2. Thrive Causemetics

This is a company I absolutely love supporting, not only because their products are absolutely amazing, but because of the ethics behind the company. For every purchase made, they donate to a woman going through cancer, domestic abuse, or those that are homeless.


  1. Indie Lee

Indie Lee formulates their products from the finest, natural ingredients. I get extremely nervous when trying new skincare products, but I had stumbled upon their Squalane facial oil, loved the ingredients, and decided to give it a go – and it was the best decision EVER. That combined with their CoQ10 toner, I have seen the best difference in my skin-tone/pigmentation. I now have a million Indie Lee products and swear by them!

2. Tan Luxe Self Taner

In the last year or so I’ve become obsessed with this self tanner. You just mix a few drops into your favorite lotion and apply! The color isn’t orange, but a nice bronze, and it’s super buildable! OBSESSED.

3. Coco Kind

I think this one is a crowd favorite, so they don’t need much of an introduction. However, I do think they deserve all the attention, because their products are definitely my holy grail. I bring their sunscreen and Matcha All Over Moisture Stick everywhere with me, their sleep mask is the bees knees, and their chlorophyl face mask scares the crap out of my dogs, but works wonders (lol)!


  1. Innersense Leave-In Treatment

My hair has gotten so dry with the years of processing/coloring so a leave-in conditioner is a staple in my routine. I am obsessed with this one and love it’s made with clean ingredients!

2. Herbivore Botanicals

Another Credo Beauty find (I am telling you guys, this site is amazing) and I am so, so happy with them! I first purchased their Sea Salt Spray in Lavender and am in love. It gives you that, just been at the beach, look with the perfect amount of volume. LOVE.

3. Captain Blackenship

I am not a dry shampoo connoisseur by any means, but I do use it every now and then. I found this one and have loved it! It doesn’t leave behind nasty residue or color and you can use it root-to-ends without feeling weighed down!

So, I hope you can take a little away from this post, in regards to how to go about diving into the world of clean beauty. I am by no means an expert, and still continuing to learn as I go, but I am definitely loving having fun and experimenting with new companies, brands, and products! So, if you have any faves, leave them in the comments below!

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